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Winter Crafts

Winter Crafts For Preschoolers

winter craftsFree from the sluggish winter with some hand-craft break fun aimed at preschoolers. Rare is the child who does not like glue and paint, so that the snap on clothes outside and get started. easy winter crafts below will keep preschoolers occupied and learning at the same time.

Swelling Snow People

Combining some fluffy white cotton balls, glue sticks and snowman shapes cut from construction paper for this craft fun and easy. Children will enjoy the snow stick cotton balls on people and teachers will enjoy low messy glue sticks. To cap cuts jaunty hat from black construction paper that can stick on the cotton ball obeyed. small circular piece of construction paper can be used for buttons if desired. Use the snow-swollen as a tie into a discussion about the science of snow.

Symmetry Snowflakes

Teaching symmetry begins in the preschool years. It can be easy with a simple snowflake craft that will allow the children to practice their fine motor skills. Have them take a piece of white paper and fold in half lengthwise construction (such as bread, hot dogs) and then in half widthwise (like bread hamburger). Prepare a quarter of a snowflake templates for them to track the paper folded after it has been lined up neatly along the sides folded. Safety scissors will help them cut the pattern. Once the snowflakes were cut, opened it to see the symmetry. Add coloring, glitter or glue on to make sparkling snowflakes stand out.

Crafts provide a good opportunity to integrate other subjects into the lesson. They do not have to be too messy or expensive to be effective and fun. Let the children freedom to express their ideas and memories of this winter with an easy craft project above.